Le Robot Rebelle

Le Robot Rebelle or Rebel Robot is a cartoon character and story I created between 1998 and 2002. These sketches and videos show the early ideas and evolution.

In one sketch of ideas I wrote the name of the metal band « Voivod ». On March 4, 2003 Voivod came out with a song called « Rebel Robot » on their self-titled album with Jason Newstead from Metallica on bass. It was a complete coincidence. Even though I have met the band, I never talked about my project and the song title was a complete coincidence.

This video shows sketches and animated shorts from the project.

A tale of awakening and sacrifice

I had a character and some drawings but I needed a story.

It starts by zooming in on a factory in some desolate plain. Robots that all look the same are mining with pick axes. Their eyes are covered by a piece of metal. A robot falls and gets hurt and the others immediately send him to be recycled.

Inside the factory, one special robot without his eyes covered works on an assembly line where the recycled robots parts pass by. Instead of doing his job, and make standard parts, he uses creativity to make unique screws. This causes malfunctions.

Rebel Robot is taken away to be recycled himself, but escapes. While on the run outside the factory, he helps a fallen robot by offering some of his own parts for repair. The receiving robot is transformed by the rebel robot's parts and become conscious. He takes off his face plate and sees the world creatively like Rebel Robot.

Rebel Robot realizes that he must allow himself to be recycled. This will allow other robots to use his parts and also become conscious. He makes this sacrifice, this time going willingly to the recycling. The other robots absorb his parts and gain consciousness. They take off their face plates and start a new artistic community instead of the old one which was just sustenance, or maintaining themselves so that they can maintain themselves.

Early sketches

Drawing my brother made after I told him my idea for a robot cartoon.

Early drawing showing normal robots before the idea that they would all have their eyes covered.

17 février 2003

Exploratory 3D models

I attempted some 3D graphics but I wasn't good at modelling at the time, and the CGI look was cold and not at all what I wanted.

Title screen of unfinished animated short

Dope sheet to see how to draw Rebel Robot from all angles.

Animated cartoon

These sketches and renderings were made for an animated story but was never finished.

Robot factory exterior



Storyboard 2

Graphic Novel