The Sacred Lamps

The game

  • A guy on a flying carpet has to get the three lamps in the cave and deliver them to Princess Rozel.
  • Version 1.0

    Sacred Lamps is a HTML5 remake originally written on the Apple II in 1990 when I was 15 or 16. It uses the ImpactJS game engine. It also uses the impact-node server instead of Impact's built-in PHP solution for the Weltmeister editor and for baking.


  • Install the impact-node server by typing npm install -g impact-node and then type impact-node serve and go to http://localhost:3000
  • Does not require impact-node but is set up for it and is missing some of Impact's tools for building using bake script.
  • Dev code changes are seen in localhost:3000. To build, type impact-node build


  • Justin Stahlman
  • @stahlmandesign on github
  • @jstahlman on bitbucket

Original screen shots from Apple IIe ProDos version

Note: If you use joystick, don't press the key commands or you'll disrupt the control system of the game. [When you're 15, this is pretty good documentation]

Horrible bandits

Who is speaking this message?

The graphics became corrupted. The three black dots at the bottom left of the castle showed how many lamps you retrieved.

On the screen to the left was the cave with the three lamps. The wizard on top of the cave replenished your magic carpet energy.